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FEAST is an after school program based on  Montessori  education which is a student-centered approach that encourages learning through self-directed exploration.  Program highlights include:

 * Each multi-age classroom will be overseen by an elementary certified teacher.

* Students will engage in hands-on work and projects that will strengthen their skills in reading, writing, and math.

 *Active games and play  will allow students to develop physical skills and abilities.

* Montessori “Grace and Courtesy” lessons will help create a classroom community that encourages students to act peacefully and respectfully.

 *Support will be provided to help understand  and complete homework.

* Monthly themes will allow students to explore various topics in art, music and theatre.

* FEAST students will have the option of participating in ACAT  music, art, or theatre activities on Tuesdays or Thursdays.


GOALS:  The goals of the FEAST program are aligned with the Montessori philosophy which strives for each child to develop:

 a positive attitude toward learning  through choice– Students will be allowed to choose their work from a variety of interesting learning activities, leading to  greater engagement, success and excitement.

 independence and self-direction – Students will learn to plan and manage their own activities with materials specially made to allow them to work alone or in small groups.

self-esteem and self-confidence - When children are allowed to do work on their own, they understand that adults view them as capable and trustworthy.   This helps them to learn to solve problems independently which builds self-confidence.

a sense of community - Cooperation will be emphasized over competition. The curriculum will also focus on the classroom as a community, helping each student to understand what their role is, and how their actions impact everyone else.


Our program is  offered free to children in our community who would otherwise not have access to  quality after-school enrichment due to family financial constraints.  FEAST  is an outreach program of Trinity Episcopal Church that is supported by private donors, the Episcopal Church, and various other foundations.  Every effort is made by Trinity to ensure that children of all faiths and ethnicities are welcomed and made to feel at home in our church building.  We strive to offer a variety of artistic, musical, literary and other cultural materials that are reflective of the wonderful diversity in our community.


Other tuition-free opportunities for children at Trinity



Academy of Creative Arts @ Trinity

Thursdays 4pm—6pm

Music & Art


Wednesdays @ Trinity

A family time of shared meal, activities and prayer in English and Spanish.

ACAT and FEAST families are welcomed and

encouraged to attend this community time.


6:15 PM—7:30 PM

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