The Joyful Ladle


The Joyful Ladle was founded in 1983 by Linda Howard, Margaret Morse, and Sue Parker. According to the Haverhill Gazetter of Friday, March 4, 1983, in the Haverhill Gazette: 'Joyful Ladle' fills community need. “Times are tough all over these days. But we really don't need to tell most people that. More and more people are losing their jobs everyday … being laid off … prices are climbing, but salaries and wages aren't keeping up with them … the rate of the area's homeless also in on the rise … And, when times get tough like this, there are a certain number of people who roll up their sleeves to pitch in and help in any way they can.”


Haverhill, and Haverhill's residents, are fortunate to have had three such persons, Margaret Morse, Sue Parker, and Linda Howard. They were the brainpower and muscle behind the city's first soup kitchen - "The Joyful Ladle" Providing free hot soup and sandwiches to the hungry, homeless and unemployed, The Joyful Ladle continues to operate out of the Trinity Episcopal Church on White Street. While soup kitchens certainly are nothing new - they were life-savers during the tough days of the Great Depression - The Joyful Ladle currently is providing a unique service in Haverhill. Not only should the three women who put together The Joyful Ladle be proud of their efforts, but there is a long list of others who deserve some credit as well.


Joyful Ladle has received donations from White Mountain Restaurant, Plaistow, N.H., the donator of the soup; local bakeries including Fantini for the donated bread: Community Action, Inc. for giving cheese and butter; and the many anonymous individuals who have provided monetary donations. And special mention should be given to the many volunteers who are giving of themselves unselfishly to help set up and clean up the church hall, to prepare and serve the food, and to service the people who come to use the soup kitchen.


The Joyful Ladle operates under the direction of Howard Quickley, a parishioner from Trinity, on Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Trinity Episcopal Church supports the work of this organization by providing a kitchen, a serving hall, and storage facilities. 

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