The Sacrament of Holy Baptism

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"Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body the Church. The bond which God establishes in Baptism is indissoluble."


The sacrament of Baptism is appropriately celebrated within the Eucharist on four major feast days of the Church: Easter Vigil, on the Day of Pentecost, on the Sunday within the octave of All Saint’s Day, and on the feast of the Baptism of our Lord. In consultation with the priest, another Sunday may be chosen. The rite is administrated at the principal Eucharist of the Sunday." (from The Book of Common Prayer)


The Christian Church has practiced the baptism of adults and infants almost from its founding. Within the Church there are varying traditions as to the age of a candidate for Baptism. Within all of these traditions, the simple fact is that baptism is never primarily an act of an individual; it is, according to the Catechism, the sacrament by which God adopts us as God's children and makes us members of Christ's Body, the Church.


We encourage those who are able to make a conscious choice about baptism to speak to the clergy regarding Inquirers Class. Those seeking baptism on behalf of their infants and children should speak with the clergy regarding Baptismal Preparation Class. The Inquirers Class and the Baptismal Preparation Class offer conversation that explores the Church's teaching on baptism as we find it in The Book of Common Prayer.For those presenting infants and young children for baptism, please note that The Book of Common Prayer requires that you have made a will providing for the care of your minor children. If you do not have a will stating your desire for care of your minor child/children, please begin that process as soon as possible. Remember, Godparents have no legal status. The parent or parents are responsible for making clear their wishes through legal documentation.To inquire about baptisms at Trinity, feel free email us or to call at 978-372-74244.

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