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Pastoral Visitation


Pastoral Visits are times of conversation which involve sharing, listening, availability, prayer and wondering, and are understood as part of our Christian journey. A member of the pastoral care team are available for scheduled pastoral conversations during the week. These times are intended as a vital component to each Christian’s search for spiritual growth and wholeness.

Pastoral Emergencies can happen at any time and require immediate attention on the part of the clergy.  The reality of health care in our day means that many people spend shorter visits in the hospital. Due to privacy concerns, many clergy and friends are often unaware of a hospitalization, or they'll hear about it after the person has left the hospital.If you or a family member are planning on being in the hospital, please contact the clergy as soon as possible. If you or family members are in hospital and want to make the clergy aware, please call the parish office. In a life-threatening emergency, call the priest at any time. Trinity Church prays for individuals who request remembrance each week.   If you would like to have your name or the name of another listed, please contact the parish office.  Prayers and anointing for one's self or on behalf of another are offered at the Eucharist on Sunday.  A Service of Healing is said on Thursday evenings at the weekday Eucharist. 

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